Wednesday, December 24, 2008

holiday plan

as usual if come to long holiday or long break..for sure there will a big plan..hehe for this x-mas holiday, we have decided go for picnic tomorrow but not sure where?discussion happend here and there to decide the actual and nice place to visit..hehe 1st of all we all plan to go to taman rimba but my friend mom insist to go coz there some stupid going telling that place was "santau"(i dunno how to translate it to english so blasah ja ah)..i'm also asking for my dad permission he won't allow me n sis..he telling us to go somewhere else beside taman now i surfing through net to find any nice places in penang.. tell u what while surfing through net, find out there are alot of stuff in penang which i never been there..

then i found out taman negara will be the best location for picnic this time where i never be there before..eventhough i was staying here in penang..hehe..nampak sangat aku ni katak bawah net, asking around those went there find out where was acutal location, any island or place for picnic, whether we can bring our own food or not will be nice and greatful if someone could suggest me any nice place for picnic which we can visit during this excited and feel extravagan here..friend of mine here, suggest to visit kerachut..he telling me that place was very nice, cool and most important facilities (like toilet & changing room)...tonight lepak at my friend house to discuss and plan what to bring for picnic..or maybe tonight also shopping at queensbay or gurney(belambak ah)...

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