Thursday, January 1, 2009

buddy..thanks alot yea!!!!

from deep inside my heart, would like to shout special thanks to my beloved buddy…i knew this guy on our 1st day at ICT (Island College of Technology)..for the 1st time he knew me, he were categorized me under arrogance person (sombong)..see..he dunno me but he can made up his own conclusion..

time goes by and we become so close…as good friend…this guy help me a lot in class or tutorial class mostly about programming language ah..because he was damn expert ah…no one can beat him about on that…coz this guy love to read n search for technology till now..tell u

but he really good..till i admire him so much because of his talented…hehe n love him as good friend..when i’m writing this post, i was chatting with me..u know something..he love romance or love song (mamat jiwang karat lah syg ni)….it’s almot to 6 am and we still awake..lots of thing we learn n share today…most of them about song, our fav, then hot story around us…sound great n nice rite…i wish i could share n gain anything with this smart guy…he still be my best forever n ever…there’s a lot of good, sweet n nice about him that i can’t expressed here..hehe u too good lah buddy until there’s no words could describe it…wow!!!

sometimes we called each other sayang or dear…ceh wah (sebab kawan baik bila2 tu kena manja sikit2)…betui x? when i told him that i’m going to post something about my buddy…u know what? he was angry, n jealous too! i got asked him why..he replied that he didn’t angry or jealous n he asking whose picture i’m going to post here…i just told him, wait let me start writing n place his place into my blog then asked him to have a look…give him a hint n clue too..but he didn’t get let him read it at my blog…:p

ok..i think i will stop here because if i write it so many good thing here…u guys might be get bored n feel uncomfortable….here go my best buddy picture (i got asked he permission too before post it n gambar ni dia yang kasi last week..lucky at least i got his picture rather than nothing rite) but he still didn’t get it…sorry dear!

thanks for being such a great friend of mine...appreciate all ur kidness, support, n friendship....till end yea friendship between us...forever n ever..!


Faisal Admar said...

haha thank for this appreciation. you are such a good friend ever! i still remember when you helping me with the job at crystal point :) really appreciate that!

hope our friendship will last forever :) amin.

nooRjan said... pleasure..though to write it long time but didn't got a chance to appreciate now it's time...just help u as such much as i can...but i think u help alot..hehe

hope friendship between us will last forever...amin!!