Sunday, February 15, 2009

My V gift

today about 7pm me friends (linda) texted my sis that they was comin to meet us today at our we took this time to exchange our gifts as we can't meet them up on saturday..they went back to Perlis...

my sis get down 1st as me still at biasa agak lembap aku ni..not punctual..

1st we were cit chatting then only we exchange our gifts...started with my sis (who passed the gift 1st) followed by me n linda...angah..she still's ok..

gift from my color for me, pink for linda, orange for angah n of course as usual blue for my sis..
gift from for linda, purple for angah, blue for my sis..n red for me..

my passion

me was so excited...wanna know wat was inside..n so carefully coz the wrapping was so cute..
we got the smiling daisy..
it has been such a long time we didn't took pic rite...4 of us..hehe

angah, hanie, me n linda..

heart frame from my sis...i got red color..quote as Love is Love..

gift from sweet ah with smilling daisy..written my name as "kak jan" and of coz the date 14-02-09..

my V gift for 2009...

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