Saturday, July 24, 2010

....bila seseorang....

pabila seseorang mula menjadi kawan kita...wah!!!

antara ayat2 yang mceria n m'gumbirakan diri ini...wish someone tu will stay close to me...b'cakap serta b'bual..b'tukar pendapat serta pandangan...hobbies..interests...eemm adakah dia...????

antara ayat2 nya...:- women who so confident about their self no need to worries about how old they are. the older
they are the prettier and matured they looked..and that is the always be confident kay..

                     ....:-Allah save the best for last 4 u.InsyaAllah, bila masanya tiba pasti ada insan yang akan jadi teman hidup u. Just have this tots in ur mind. Somewhere out there, there is someone is made 4 u. And he is waiting 4 u as much as waiting 4 him. So at the moment just prepare urself to be his soulmate. When the time come, he shall be yours.

so bila baca ayat2 ni...what u feel....tell me about it!!!


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